Weight Watchers Weeks 1 & 2

Did I tell you I was doing Weight Watchers? Well, I am!
I began my weight loss journey on February 24th with a goal to lose 40lbs. This is a lot to lose and I need to lose it just to get back to the end zone of the healthy weight range for me. I would really like to be in the middle zone.
So as not to overwhelm myself, I set smaller goals to get to the big goal. The first goal was to lose 10% of my body weight which equates to 9lbs.
At the end of week 1 I had lost 6lbs!
Today was my weigh-in day for week 2 and I have lost 2 more pounds for a total of 8 pounds lost. Only one pound away from my 10% goal! 


  1. Hi Jennipher, first time here at your new blog.
    About your weight Loss Journey; WELL DONE and good luck!
    I made my journey 2 years ago, but I have a hard time to keep my healthy weight...it´s difficult to keep away from all cookies and stuff, at least for me!

  2. Hi Jennipher, way to go!!! I'm doing a 12 week biggest loser weight lost challenge at work and have lost 5 lbs so far myself. I've fallen off the band wagon these last couple of days and need to get back on track again! Keep it up and thanks for the inspiration. Hugs, Karen


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